Zhuhai Printing Industry Cluster Network Launching Ceremony And The Inaugural Ceremony Of The 6th Board Of Supervisors

- Dec 21, 2018 -

Zhuhai Printing Industry Cluster Network Launching Ceremony and the Inaugural Ceremony of the 6th Board of Supervisors

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On December 6, 2018, the launching ceremony of Zhuhai Printing Industry Cluster Network and the inauguration ceremony of the 6th Supervisory Board and the 6th Second Member Congress were held in Zhuhai Palace of Zhuhai Resort. The event was organized by Zhuhai Printing Association. host. Zhu Feng, member of the party group and deputy director of the Zhuhai Municipal Cultural and Sports Tourism Bureau, Liu Tao, director of the Zhuhai Municipal Social Organization Administration, and Ai Guo, director of the Fair Trade Department of the Zhuhai Municipal Bureau of Commerce, attended and spoke. Leaders and guests attending the forum included: Li Wei, Secretary General of Guangdong Printing and Copying Industry Association, Zhou Shaoxiang, President of Macao Printing Industry Association, Yan Yaonan, Director of Hong Kong Printing Industry Association, Ma Chuli, Vice Chairman of Hong Kong Graphic Arts Association, Director of Public Relations, Lin He'an, Hainan Wang Zhaozhong, executive vice president of the Provincial Printing Industry Association, Huang Yisheng, honorary chairman of the Chinese Science Printing Society, Lu Zhaoyou, chairman of the Taipei Printing and Commercial Association, Huang Jiandong, Tainan Printing and Printing Association, and Huang Shanping, the head of the Municipal Press and Publication Radio and Television Section The business department leaders and representatives from all over the Taiwan Straits, the Pearl River Delta 21 Printing Association, the Chamber of Commerce leaders, representatives and all members of the Zhuhai Printing Association have a total of 588 people.

The event was hosted by Zhang Qing, Secretary General of Zhuhai Printing Association. First of all, in the afternoon product sharing meeting, Guangzhou Xunyue Software Co., Ltd. shared "Marketing and Management in the New Printing Era"; Shenzhen Haizhong Huixin Materials Technology Co., Ltd. shared "The Road to Environmental Protection of Printing Inks - Development of UV Inks"; Beiren Intelligent Equipment Technology Co., Ltd. shared new technologies and solutions such as "Collecting Intelligence, Seeking New Developments" and other topics, and then, in the free discussion The entrepreneurs at the scene spoke freely and published their own opinions. The scene was very enthusiastic.

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Ma Chuli, Vice Chairman of the Hong Kong Graphic Arts Society\Principal of Public Relations, Lin He'an attended

In the evening, the launching ceremony of the printing industry cluster network in Zhuhai and the inauguration ceremony of the sixth supervisory board and the second member representative conference were held. Zhu Yongqiang, president of Zhuhai Printing Association, said in his speech: "The launch of the printing industry cluster network has finally reached a long-cherished wish of our printers, realizing the integration of our industry and jointly creating a bright future for Zhuhai printing industry. The purpose of the industrial cluster network platform is very clear. It is to lead Zhuhai printing enterprises to “go global” through the resource integration of the platform, to go abroad and go global. To better promote the flow and growth of foreign trade, and to grow by complementing each other’s strengths. Promote export sales, thereby promoting the growth of export foreign trade. He also said: "He will lead the majority of members, with a new look, serve the enterprise, and effectively play the role of the industry's "leading geese", and work with friends in the printing industry. Drawing a beautiful blueprint for the printing industry and making a positive contribution to creating a new situation in the development of the printing industry in our city.

Qin Feng, member of the party group and deputy director of the Zhuhai Cultural and Sports Tourism Bureau, delivered a speech entitled "New Journeys, New Meteorology, and New Achievements". The event was fully affirmed. He believes that the event is very suitable for the development of the current industry. And effectively promote the intelligent development process of the printing industry, so that the integration of the industry and the transformation of the business philosophy of the enterprise have a positive role in promoting.

The inauguration ceremony of the 6th Supervisory Board of Directors was also completed under the joint testimony of more than 580 guests from all walks of life and industry peers. At the same time, the printing industry cluster network in Zhuhai opened the engine of the front in the witness of the leaders and guests from all walks of life.

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Printing Industry Cluster Network Launch Ceremony

Founded by Zhuhai Printing Association, Zhuhai Printing Industry Cluster Network will break the conventional malpractices of the individual development of the printing industry and more effectively integrate the complementary, interoperable and reciprocal aspects of Huitong Printing advanced technology in the industry. The network aims to lead Zhuhai printing enterprises to go out, go abroad and go global, better promote the flow and growth of foreign trade, and promote growth and export promotion by taking advantage of each other's resources to promote export trade. growth of.

President Bai Yongqiang, Executive Vice President Wen Hua, Sun Qiang, Vice Presidents Fan Jinguang, Fan Weiming, and Zhang Xuehua took the stage to give a toast, and presented a thank-you card to the many sponsors who supported the event. The atmosphere was harmonious, festive and enthusiastic.

The printing industry cluster network is to provide more printing companies to “go global”, better promote the foreign trade and economic cooperation of enterprises, and provide a more convenient way to build a service platform. With the deepening of the “Belt and Road”, the increasing trade flows between China and related regions will inevitably drive the economic development of countries and regions along the route, and will also inject new vitality into the depressed printing enterprises and bring to the printing industry. With great development prospects, printing companies should be keenly aware of the huge market opportunities.

      The promotion of “Guangdong, Hong Kong, Macao and Dawan District” and the opening of the Hong Kong-Zhuhai-Macao Bridge have continuously demonstrated the important strategic position of the Greater Bay Area of Guangdong, Hong Kong and Macao and the importance of the core growth pole of Guangdong, Hong Kong and Macau. Effectively promote the cooperation and exchange between the printing industry in the Mainland and the printing industry in the four sides of the Taiwan Straits. The Printing Association held this event as an opportunity to stand in the high position. Today, there are more than 580 places in the 21st and the 21st cities in the Pearl River Delta and Zhuhai Triangle. The printing industry colleagues from all over the world will transform and complement the integration of the four industries across the Taiwan Straits, and realize the all-round regional and regional cooperation in the true sense.

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Hong Kong\Hainan\Taiwan\Guangzhou friends group photo

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Chinese, Hong Kong, Taiwan friends are happy to meet

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President Bo Yongqiang and the Hong Kong Graphic Arts Association public relations and founder Lin He'an

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Chinese, Hong Kong and Taiwan friends took a group photo

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Zhuhai\Shenzhen\Hong Kong\Zhongshan friends meet

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