Learning Environmental Protection To Promote The Printing Industry To Charge

- Dec 01, 2018 -

Learning environmental protection to promote the printing industry to "charge"

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The organic waste gas involved in the printing and packaging industry, that is, the collection and rectification of VOCs is related to the industrial economic development of our county. Recently, the county environmental protection department took the lead in Zhejiang Jingcheng Environmental Protection Company to organize technical training sessions, focusing on the hazardous waste treatment of printing enterprises, and guiding enterprises to carry out production according to environmental protection requirements.

It is understood that this year, our county has combined the requirements of the central environmental protection supervision and rectification to make small and micro-hazardous waste disposal a key environmental protection project. The county government focuses on the printing industry of Longgang, and conducts investigations on small and micro-hazardous waste industrial units to carry out standardized disposal. According to statistics, at present, among the 794 enterprises in Longgang Township that have production licenses related to the printing industry, only 158 have passed the environmental impact assessment. Serious pollution problems in the printing industry have a great impact on the lives of the people. Remediation work cannot be delayed.

At the training meeting, experts from the top VOCs in China elaborated on the VOCs control standards in the printing and packaging industry, and explained the remediation process, governance standards, and exhaust gas collection programs in a simple and in-depth way, which benefited the business owners. The development of printing enterprises in our county provides practical reference.

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