Kazakhstan Studies To Promote The Development Of The Paper Industry, Intends To Resume The Ban On Waste Paper Exports

- Sep 27, 2018 -

Kazakhstan studies to promote the development of the paper industry, intends to resume the ban on waste paper exports

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According to the news of the Kapatial website on September 21, the Inter-departmental Committee of the Ministry of Investment and Development of Kazakhstan recently held a meeting to study the development of the paper industry and considered it necessary to resume the practice of prohibiting the export of waste paper in the country.

The meeting held that Kazakhstan is not a country rich in forest resources. At present, domestic paper companies use recycled paper, paperboard and waste paper as raw materials. According to statistics, from November 2016 to April 2017, Kazakhstan Investment Development Department banned the export of renewable paper, paperboard and waste paper. In that year, the actual output of paper products reached 141,200 tons, with an output value of 47.2 billion tenge, respectively. Growth of 50% and 33.5%, while promoting tax and employment growth.

In addition, the practice of prohibiting exports also played a positive role in the production of paper products in 2017, and the multiplication effect was obvious. In 2017, the output of Ha paper products was 136,100 tons, with an output value of 53.4 billion tenge.

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