Jianghua's Four Major Projects Started At The Same Time. Printing Projects Invested 205 Million Yuan.

- Dec 05, 2018 -

Jianghua's four major projects started at the same time. Printing projects invested 205 million yuan.

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On November 23, the high-tech zone of Jianghua Yao Autonomous County was in the midst of a wave of drums, and the opening ceremony of the Jianghua Changming Cultural Printing Project was held. From November 21st to 23rd, during the 2018 Yao Nationality Panwang Festival, Jianghua Changming Cultural Printing Project, Jianghua Agricultural Bioresource Utilization Project, Jianghuayun Hongda Motor Co., Ltd. and Jianghua Tourism Amusement Park Project started at the same time. The total investment reached 720 million yuan.

Among them, Jianghua Changming Cultural Printing Project has an investment of 205 million yuan and a total construction area of about 49,000 square meters. The project mainly produces high-end gift boxes, storage boxes, stationery sets, high-tech 3D puzzles, hand bags, notebooks, note books, game cards. , board book and plastic products. After the completion of the project, about 500 people can be employed, and the annual output value will reach 500 million yuan, of which 40 million US dollars will be exported and 10 million yuan will be taxed. The construction of the project is of great significance for accelerating the development of high-tech Jianghua, striving for the creation of a national high-tech industrial development zone, and building a new industrial county.

In recent years, Jianghua has always insisted that industry is the foundation of the county economy. Industry is the support of the county economy, grabbing the historical opportunity of the transfer of industries from developed regions to the interior, and taking the project as the first priority and attracting investment as the first menu and industry as the first. As the first job, the support and innovation environment will unswervingly promote the “four hearts” and “mother-style” services of emotional warmth, measures, intentions, and social and political relations. .

In the past three years, the county has introduced 63 investment projects with a total investment of 13.047 billion yuan, including 49 industrial projects and 26 projects with investment of over 100 million yuan. In 2018, the total industrial output value of large-scale industries is expected to reach 16.5 billion yuan, 1.6 times that of 2016. The performance appraisal will be the first in Yongzhou for the fifth consecutive year from 2013 to 2017.

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