Heshan Yatu Shi To Bring New People With New Ideas To Help Newcomers Grow Up

- Dec 21, 2018 -

Heshan Yatu Shi "to bring new people with new ideas" to help newcomers grow up

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One side of the water and soil raises one person, and the youth of the overseas Chinese home stand under their own sky, with the pulse of the times and the passion of youth, they use their actions to shine their hometown. On the occasion of the 40th anniversary of reform and opening up, the first session of Jiangmen City to launch the “Model of Young People in the Hometown of Overseas Chinese” campaign was launched to explore, establish and highlight a group of young people who are full of life, have the characteristics of the times, and reflect the spirit of the hometown of overseas Chinese. In accordance with the five categories of dedicating good youth, dedication to innovation, good youth, good faith, good youth, and good-natured youth, the organizers received 232 people to participate in the election. After three rounds of judging by the jury, 10 nominations for “Qiaoxiang Youth Model” and 10 “Models for Overseas Chinese Youth” nominations finally came to the fore. This newspaper will tell you their stories in batches and show the youthful style of Jiangmen Qiaoxiang. Please pay attention.

On the banks of the beautiful Xijiang River, one of Asia's largest printing companies, Heshan Yatu Shi Printing Co., Ltd., a spectacular building dominated by blue and yellow colors, is now a beautiful scenery in the local area. 17 years ago, Feng Xinyuan, standing on the edge of the Xijiang River, never thought that he would have a close relationship with this company.

Feng Xinyuan is a native of Datun Village, Gulu Town. He is currently the Technical Director of the Printing Department of Heshan Yatu Shi Printing Co., Ltd. In 2001, Feng Xinyuan graduated from the secondary school and entered the Heshan Yatu Shi Printing Co., Ltd., which is only a few kilometers away from home, and became a printing apprentice. "I originally wanted to be a teacher. It was a coincidence that I was exposed to the printing industry, but I found that it was inseparable from the 'color'." Thinking of the original career choice, Feng Xinyuan believed that it was a kind of Fate.

According to the general rule, the apprentice's promotion is a deputy and captain. It takes at least two years to realize this role change, while Feng Xinyuan only spent nine months. Feng Xinyuan recalled that at the time, although there were only a dozen printing presses and 50 or 60 printing workers in the printing workshop, the competition was very fierce. Everyone hoped to become the captain earlier. Therefore, he puts more energy and time than others, almost in addition to eating and sleeping, right next to the printing machine, or on the way to the printing workshop.

Three months later, Feng Xinyuan became a deputy; in the past six months, he was willing to become a captain in the eyes of his colleagues. At this time, he has mastered the techniques of color proofreading, modeling, etc., and will never leave the problems in printing to the next link.

Since becoming the captain, Feng Xinyuan has begun to "bring the old with the new" and teach the learned technology to the newcomers.

With savvy, flexible mind and diligent study, some of Feng Xinyuan's advantages were quickly discovered by the company's leaders. He was assigned a new job - technical training. Subsequently, while carrying out the printing process training, he divided the skill level of the operation post according to the nature of the job and the skill level, and carried out the skills assessment, written test, practical operation and work evaluation. The company linked the evaluation results with employee compensation, evaluation and promotion. It has improved the printing skills of employees and mobilized the enthusiasm of employees.

Nowadays, according to the different printing products, Feng Xinyuan has separately formulated the “Production Process for Printed Codes” and compiled relevant technical training materials. Employees have clear standard guidelines on the road of learning and printing.

In 2016, the company invested in the development of new water and oil glazing in response to market development needs. Due to the failure to grasp the characteristics of new materials and production methods at the beginning, the low production capacity and unstable quality have become obstacles to the development of enterprises.

Feng Xinyuan repeatedly conducted hot air tests on new materials, analyzed test data, and determined the best technical parameters. In addition, he also used measuring instruments to accurately calculate various printing color data, better matching the new water and oil glazing printing, so that the machine capacity was increased from the original 30% to 95%, enriching the company's product range and improving the product. Market share.

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