Domino And Multitec Jointly Work On Hybrid Press Development

- Dec 28, 2018 -

Domino and Multitec jointly work on hybrid press development

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Domino, the inkjet integration specialist, recently announced that it will work with Indian flexographic press manufacturer Multitec to develop the UV inkjet-flexographic hybrid press.

AjayRaoRane, assistant vice president of digital printing solutions at Domino, commented: "We chose to work with Multitec because they have good technical know-how, good market share in the Indian market and good customer relationships, and they are eager to do more. There are many things. We complement each other."

“Domino is a * partner, not only because of its advanced UV inkjet technology, but also because its N610i digital print engine can be easily integrated. At the same time, the company has a magnificent development path for the future,” added Multitec manager Amit Ahuja. To.

Ahuja said he did not expect the Indian market to accept a large number of hybrid presses in the next five years. “But for Multitec, it’s important to walk in front of the game before it happens.” The press structure will be fully customizable, including the number of UV flexo, cold stamping and rear unit units. And location.

Domino now has a hybrid integration agreement with MPS, Lombardi and China's Spand Corporation, as well as the sale of the independent and connected N610i press, which is partnered with ABG.

“We are very excited to sell any structure of UV inkjet engines,” RoaRane said. “In general, if a company already has a hybrid press, we will sell the stand-alone equipment to perfect them (existing equipment). If they are digital press users, they will generally focus on hybrid printing solutions. In addition, if they have a lot of short-run business and need to change the printing materials continuously, then independent equipment is the choice. When the mixed printing press is good, there are many packaging units, but the die-cutting and material conversion are infrequent The place."

RaoRane is optimistic about the development of the Indian market and believes it can support the growth of digital printing.

“From a statistical point of view, this is a very young market, and the days of brand loyalty are gone forever. So it needs more attractive packaging and many packaging units to attract those buyers, which requires Digital printing because it can produce all short-run labels. Another trend is to switch from a mom and pop store to a general supermarket where you need to choose your own product."

Domino also exhibited the K600i monochrome digital module at the exhibition, one of which was installed on the VinsakUSAR slitter rewinder.

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