Chinese Printing Delegation Invited To Attend The International Printing Culture International Symposium

- Oct 08, 2018 -

Chinese printing delegation invited to attend the International Printing Culture International Symposium

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The International Printing Museum Association held its inaugural meeting in Cheongju, South Korea on October 1. The Chinese printing delegation was invited to participate in the conference. As the first event held after the establishment of the association, the International Print Culture International Symposium held on the 2nd invited eight scholars from six countries to deliver a speech. Li Ying, a researcher at the China Printing Museum, gave a speech entitled "Printing Enlightens World Civilization" and expounded the invention and development of Chinese printing.

Li Ying said: "Printing is a process technology that integrates Dacheng. It is the inevitable outcome of the development of society's politics, economy and culture to a certain stage and level. During the Sui and Tang Dynasties (7th century), the imperial examination system and the promotion of folk beliefs Under the Chinese, the Chinese invented the engraving and printing. The emergence of this technology made the Chinese book communication gradually transition from the manuscript era to the printing form. The printing culture was further promoted and popularized during the Tang Dynasty to the Five Dynasties."

At the International Printing Culture International Symposium held on the 2nd, Li Ying, a researcher from the China Printing Museum, delivered an English speech entitled "Printing Enlightens World Civilization", expounding the invention and development of Chinese printing, and introducing China. The technological inventions based on paper, ink, engraving and movable type have greatly promoted the facts of human civilization.

In the speech, Li Ying also considered the modern significance of ancient civilization.

Li Ying said: "Printing cultural heritage includes the material cultural heritage of printed matter, as well as the intangible cultural heritage of the arts. The protection of non-material printed cultural heritage cannot be limited to the continuation of static solidification records, and living or reproduction is intangible culture. The best way to protect the heritage."

Li Ying's lecturer's speech was printed in a beautiful book of Chinese, English, Korean, German and Japanese. Her confident and quiet speech and lively content attracted the attention of the participants from all over the world. Alan Marshall, president of the European Printing Museum Alliance, said that he did not know much about China's printing culture. Li Ying's speech brought him into a new world and was very impressed.

Marshall said: "We don't know much about China's (printing culture), because only some English research papers have introduced Chinese book history, printing history, etc. until recently; I have no other way to learn more. I am China. Little understanding of the print culture."

At the seminar that day, seven scholars from five other countries gave speeches. Scholars from the Korean Museum of Korea introduced "Lie's Early Letters, Printing and Paper", and scholars from the Library of Alexandria, Egypt, introduced "Printing and Knowledge Development in Egypt and the Arab World in the 19th and 20th Centuries", Klins, Germany Scholars at the Bor Museum have put forward some thoughts on printing: Who prints? What is printing? Why printing?

In an interview with the reporter after the meeting, Li Ying pointed out that attending this meeting also made her deeply feel that as a researcher from the hometown of printing, in addition to introducing the essence of Chinese traditional culture to the people, she also has the responsibility to let the people around the world understand. China's contribution to the world's print culture.

Li Ying said: "China is the hometown of printing. China's papermaking and printing have also made a lot of contributions in international communication. So you see that these scholars all over the world have so much attention to printing culture and even pay attention to China. Printing culture, today 9 scholars specialize in Chinese printing culture, this is very encouraging. So we not only have to explain the wisdom of our ancestors in China, we also want to tell us internationally that we Chinese print to the world. Cultural contribution."

Li Ying said that institutions and individuals represented by the China Printing Museum are working hard to promote the exchange and development of print culture. The “China Printing Light” tour exhibition sponsored by the China Printing Museum has spread to more than 20 countries and regions such as the United States, Germany and the United Kingdom.

Li Ying said: "We are also preparing for the 'One Belt, One Road' printing culture tour, going to various countries, telling people from all over the world through exhibition boards, objects and explanations. The profoundness of our printing culture is very impressive. Sigh."

Li Ying said that China will hold an international seminar on printing culture in the world next year. It welcomes institutions, experts and scholars from all over the world to discuss and exchange ideas together, share the ancient and modern printing culture, and carry forward the printing civilization better. Protect the common memory of mankind.

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