China Standardization Innovation Strategy Alliance Packaging And Printing Professional Committee Was Established

- Dec 01, 2018 -

China Standardization Innovation Strategy Alliance Packaging and Printing Professional Committee was established

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On November 22nd, it was co-sponsored by Beijing Printing College, China Standard Anti-counterfeiting Printing Co., Ltd. and China-Russia Gravure Printing Technology Service Center. The China Standardization Innovation Strategic Alliance Packaging and Printing Professional Committee Inaugural Meeting and the 2018 Packaging and Printing Group Standardization Development Forum were held in Beijing. 51 committee members and 53 members attended the meeting.

The meeting was presided over by Zhao Hongchun, deputy secretary-general of the China Standardization Innovation Strategy Alliance. Yu Xu, deputy secretary-general of China Standardization Innovation Strategy Alliance and general manager of the winning bidding group, read the approval of the China Standardization Innovation Strategic Alliance for the Packaging Special Committee. Xu Wencai, the chairman of the special committee and the former vice president of the Beijing Printing Institute, introduced the background of the establishment of the special committee.

In his speech, Dong Yiwei, deputy director of the Printing and Distribution Bureau of the Central Propaganda Department, reviewed the development of China's printing industry during the 40 years of reform and opening up, and put forward the "basic and strategic work in the development of the packaging and printing professional committee. Three points of advice on how to work hard and focus on the quality and level of work.

“The establishment of the Packaging Standardization Professional Committee coincides with the timing. Under the requirements of the development of green development cycle, the government urgently needs self-discipline from within the industry, and the group standard is an effective means of self-discipline in the industry.” State Administration of Market Supervision, Standard Innovation Management Deputy Director of the Department, Xiao Han, said in his speech.

The president of the School of Law of Beijing Printing Institute put forward three suggestions for the work of the Packaging and Printing Professional Committee: First, we must work hard to strengthen internal management, strengthen the management of the special committee, and strengthen the management of group standards; second, we must pay attention to actual results and fully grasp the market demand. Widely listen to relevant opinions from all parties; third, we must look to the international community, strengthen the overseas promotion and application of group standards, and promote international cooperation and exchange of related products, equipment and services.

Wu Xiaobo, deputy dean of the China National Institute of Standardization, said that the China National Institute of Standardization will support the packaging and printing committee to play the platform advantage of the standardization technical committee, and to develop and train the group standards in the “100-year-old enterprise-specific action” And the construction of standard experimental bases, etc., to provide high-quality standardized system solutions for all parties.

On how to do a good job in group standardization, Yan Tingliang, executive vice president of China Printing Technology Association, pointed out: First, we must focus on the global industrial chain; second, we must accelerate the transformation of scientific and technological achievements; third, we must diversify development; fourth, we must actively participate in international Standardization activities, actively promote the transformation of Chinese standards into international standards; Fifth, we must ensure the quality of the standards of the packaging and printing industry.

Wang Li, vice president of China Packaging Federation, introduced the development of domestic packaging industry and the status quo of packaging industry standardization, and suggested that we should play a supporting role in standardization for quality improvement and industrial upgrading, explore standardized management innovation mode, and truly use production and research. All links are connected in series, promoting group standards to help industry norms, leading the new direction of group standards development, and promoting the innovative development of standardization services.

After the meeting, the Packaging and Printing Professional Committee also held the theme of “Innovative Printing Standardization, Promoting Quality Development – 2018 Packaging and Printing Group Standardization Development Forum.

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