China Printing Union Was Forcibly Terminated By The United States, And The Recipient Was Taiwan

- Oct 08, 2018 -

China Printing Union was forcibly terminated by the United States, and the recipient was Taiwan

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Recently, an important notice from APTEC/IdeallianceChina exploded in a flash, and the color friends in the Chinese printing industry characterized this news as a very serious challenge, which led to discussions on Sino-US trade wars and other sensitive issues. .

So what is the situation like?

The notice from APTEC/IdeallianceChina pointed out that the APTEC/Idealliance US headquarters immediately terminated the agreement with the Center's IdeallianceChina on September 20, 2018, that is, no reason for termination was given, nor was it given Have enough time to deal with the aftermath.

The notice also pointed out that the chairman of APTEC China Printing Technology Research Center had written to the Chairman of Idealliance Board of Directors on September 19 to inquire about the establishment of IdeallianceTaiwan. As Taiwan is included in the scope of the IdeallianceChina contract, ldealliance is in agreement with the contract. conflict. However, the China Center has not received a reply, but it is a notice of an immediate termination of the contract.

The unilateral termination of the contract by Idealliance without discussing, not handing over, or considering the interests of the industry, may mean that hundreds of top printing experts in China and hundreds of top printing companies have lost a mature technical organization. Coupled with the looming issue of Sino-US relations and the Taiwan issue, it is no wonder that the anger of the domestic printing industry is beyond words.

It is understood that APTEC China Printing Technology Research Center is affiliated to the Hong Kong Printing Industry Chamber of Commerce. In 2002, the printing giants such as China Business, Jinbei Printing, Yongjingtang, Zhongcai Printing, Starlight Printing and Changxing Printing took the lead. Since July 1, 2007, APTEC has been the exclusive regional representative of IDEAlliance in Greater China, under the name of "IDEAlliance-China" (to take its "printing alliance"), serving Mainland China, Hong Kong, Macao and Taiwan's peers, including G7, GRACoL, SWOP, and related technical activities conducted by IDEAlliance's PrintPropertiesWorkingGroup.

Because the G7 management of the center is very helpful for improving the competitiveness of enterprises at home and abroad for the standardization, dataization and standardization of printing, domestic printing giants such as Yutong, Yachang, Jinjia and Hucai quickly joined. The influence of an organization in the Chinese printing industry is unprecedentedly strong. In particular, Yutong Group, just because it has seized the G7 certification, has successfully become one of the suppliers of Apple, not only the printing group with the most G7 experts, but also the printing leader in China. So far, 239 people in Greater China have been awarded the G7 International Expert Award, and hundreds of leading printing companies have obtained G7 international certification.

It is reported that IDEAlliance-China is returning relevant fees for companies that have already signed up for certification. In the future, if you want to carry out G7 international certification, you may have to go through the Taiwan Center.

Unfortunately, because of some unspeakable factors, the US headquarters has relocated the APTEC/IdeallianceChina Greater China Center to Taiwan. Many print people said that perhaps it is time to establish a China's own color certification center!

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