April Egypt Packaging Exhibition Recommended - 2019 Egypt International Packaging Container Exhibition

- Dec 28, 2018 -

April Egypt Packaging Exhibition recommended - 2019 Egypt International Packaging Container Exhibition

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2019 Egypt International Packaging Container Exhibition

The Egyptian Printing and Packaging Association and the 12-nation Printing and Packaging Association form the Great Arabian Printing and Packaging Alliance to create the largest packaging exhibition in the Middle East and Africa.

Exhibition time: April 18-20, 2019

Venue: CICC Exhibition Center, Cairo, Egypt

exhibition criteria:

Paper packaging containers, plastic packaging containers, metal packaging containers, glass packaging containers

Other natural materials packaging containers, packaging materials and accessories, packaging machinery and accessories

Highlights of the exhibition:

Egypt International Packaging Container Exhibition was independently exhibited in 19 years as the same period of the 10th Egyptian Printing Industry Exhibition. Under the guidance of the Egyptian government office, the revitalization of the Egyptian printing and packaging industry has been carried out, and the introduction of new technologies has been vigorously promoted, and the skills of printing and packaging personnel have been promoted. It has been hailed as the “First National Exhibition” of the Egyptian printing and packaging industry. The 17-year exhibition was highly valued by the Egyptian cabinet, and the current Prime Minister of Egypt, Sharif Ismail, gave written instructions.

At the last exhibition, there were more than 200 sets of equipment on the field, and the exhibition area was 15,000 square meters. Egypt's 18 Provincial Printing Branch and the 12-nation Printing Association invited 15,000 professional visitors to make a collective appearance. Among them, 19% are printing companies, 16% are packaging companies, 14% are food companies, 11% are beverage companies, 11% are fast-moving consumer goods companies, 8% are home appliance companies, 5% are office supplies companies, 5% are retail department stores, and 3 are pharmaceutical companies. %, logistics companies 3%, other 5%.

Egypt's macroeconomic situation

North Africa Gateway, Asia-Africa Fortress: Egypt is located in the three major continents of Asia, Africa and Europe, and has a prominent geographical advantage as the “Belt and Road” Western Conference Intersection.

Demographic Dividend: Egypt currently has more than 90 million people and is the most populous country in the Arab world.

Political stability: Egypt's unemployment rate fell to 9.9% in the second quarter of 18 years, a record low in the past eight years.

Market vitality: Egypt's average age is less than 25 years old. It is a country with a strong labor force. The government encourages young people to start their own businesses. While reducing taxes, the National Bank is required to provide entrepreneurs with 5% low-interest loans.

Transportation Hub: On August 6, 2015, the new Suez Canal was officially opened. The river transportation has important strategic significance in international shipping. After completion, the vessel waiting time was reduced from the previous 11 hours to 3 hours.

Good economic base: Egypt's economic growth rate was 7% in the 2017/2018 fiscal year.

Active trade policy: Egypt has signed several bilateral and multilateral trade agreements. Its trade agreement covers a population of up to 1.563 billion.

The complementary advantages of the “Belt and Road” between China and Egypt are obvious. Egypt is located in the three major continents of Asia, Africa and Europe. The location advantage of the “One Belt, One Road” Western Conference Intersection is outstanding.

There are more than 7,000 food production and processing companies in Egypt, generating $22.2 billion in revenue.

Analysis of the Egyptian beverage industry: There are 450 juice, beverage and drinking water production and processing companies in Egypt with 70,000 employees. Nearly 600 milk and dairy products, employing about 60,000 people.

Analysis of the home appliance industry: vigorously develop white goods as early as 1952 when the second president of Nasser was appointed as one of the national development industries in Egypt.

Egypt is the largest consumer of medicine in the Arab region. There are 220 pharmaceutical factories with a self-sufficiency rate of 93% and exports of 1.2 billion Egyptian pounds of medicine per year.

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