Small Photo Monthly Desk Table Calendar 2018 Printing

Latest hot sale cheap custom desk personalized calendar printing.

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Product Details

Latest hot sale cheap custom desk personalized calendar printing.

Printing Type: Offset Printing

Book Cover: Soft Cover

Item: Calender Printing

Color: 4c+4c,  Cmyk Pantone or as Your Requirements

Material: Art Paper, Offset Paper, Grey Board, or as Your R

Feature: Eco-Friendly Easy, Fsc, OEM, Calendar 2016

Finishing: Lamination, Foil Stamping, Debossing, Coloring Boo

Specification: As your request

Paper Type: Cardboard

Surface Finish: Film Lamination

Binding: Spiral Binding

Size: A4, A5, Portrait, Landscape or Custom Size

Cover Paper: 157g, 190g, 200g, 230g, 250g, 300g, 350 Coated/Unc

Usage: Office & Gift, Calendar 2019

Design Requst:  Pdf, Adobe Illustrator, Adobe Indesign, 300pdi

MOQ: 1000PCS

Tips of printing

Monochrome printing 

Monochrome printing, is not limited to the black one, where the color display of prints are.

Multi-color printing (Poly color Printing) is also divided into color (casing method), chromatography (Register method) and (Multi-Color method) three categories. Color-enhancing method, in the monochrome image of the two-line range, add another colour, so as to increase its clear and bright, to facilitate reading. General children's reading of the printing, many of the use of chromatography, color, independent, not overlapping, nor his color as a range of edge lines, in turn overprinter in the printed matter.

General Line table, commodity packaging paper, and topography and other printing, the use of more.

Multi-color printing (color printing) 

Multi-Color printing, based on the color mixing method (additive color mixing process), so that natural color quadrochromatic decomposed into color separations, and then the use of pigment subtractive mixing method (subtractive color mixing process), So that the primary color version reprinted in the same printed matter, because the primary colors overlap area of the number of different, and Bishop Quadrochromatic of natural color print people also.

All color printing, in addition to a small number of colour-enhancing method and chromatic method, all belong to the complex color method printed. The four-color printing of flat-panel printing: normal color picture is converted to physical transfer, can be CMYK four-color (that is, blue red yellow black) These four kinds of color ink to paper, leather, cloth and other printed materials on the color, can pass these four colors to fineness of the printed matter, accounting for more than 80% of the printing market. such as the computer display color for RGB three-color imaging, now the printing of the four color principle used.

Delivery time: sample for 3-5 working days and order for 3-7 working days 

About Our Service: free dummy samples before order
Advanced samples for quality confirmation before delivery
Good payment terms for long time business, We will do our best to meet you needs

Book binding and surface disposal

Printing quality management system certificate ISO9001:2008




There are 6sets 4/5 color printing presses. A 4+4 color printing presses will be imported soon to meet y more requirements.



Color check during printing to ensure the same color as the prepress sample or your sample.


High-quality prepress ctp system, providing accurate outlets, which is the basic guarantee of good printing result.



Automatic laminating machine and UV machine.



Gilding and die-cutting

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