Cook Book Printing, Cookbook Printing High Quality Good Price

Cook Book Printing, Cookbook Printing High Quality Good Price

Cook Book Printing, Cookbook Printing high quality good price Product Type: Book

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Product Details

Cook Book Printing, Cookbook Printing high quality good price

Product Type: Book

Printing Type: Offset Printing

Book Cover: Hard Cover

Book Style: Hardcover Book Printing

Paper Type: Offset Paper

Surface Finish: Hot Stamping

Binding: Sewing Binding

Book Content: How to make a perfect cake

Origin: Shenzhen China

Size: 210x297mm

Cover is printed on 157gsm matt paper, matt lamination, bound on 2.5mm board paper.

Ends: 140gsm white matt art paper.

Texts: 196 pages, 140gsmwhite matt art paper, full color printing.

Binding: Hardcover, with head and tail, square back.

QTY: 3000 copies.


Digital printing technology

Printing technology is developing very fast now, but the simple application of traditional technology is far from meeting the needs of the modern printing industry. Digital printing is an important technology in modern printing. Let me briefly talk about this knowledge with you:

    The so-called digital printing is a new printing technology that uses the prepress system to directly transfer the graphic information to the digital printing machine to print the printed products. Digital printing is much simpler than traditional printing processes. The digital printing process requires only two processes: computer production and printing. Therefore, the operation is simple, from design to printing integration, no need for a series of problems such as film and printing plate, waterless ink balance, etc., greatly reducing labor costs. The traditional printing process: the original is made by computer, output color separation film, proofing, imposition, sun PS version, upper version, four-color printing. There are many processes before and after, and the chances of various problems in so many processes will increase greatly.

    Digital printing systems consist primarily of prepress systems and digital presses. The working principle is that the operator outputs the digital information of the graphic information or the digital media or the network digital file received from the network system to the computer, and performs creativity, modification and arrangement on the computer to become a digital letter satisfactory to the customer. RIP processing, the corresponding monochrome pixel digital signal is transmitted to the laser controller, and the corresponding laser beam is emitted to scan the printing cylinder. A printing cylinder made of a photosensitive material is formed to form a picture which can adsorb ink or toner after being photosensitive, and then transferred onto a substrate such as paper.

    Therefore, digital printing technology has become an advanced and popular technology in modern printing. If you want to be bigger in the printing industry, this technology must be mastered and proficient.

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