Cook Book Printing, Cookbook Printing High Quality Good Price

Cook Book Printing, Cookbook Printing High Quality Good Price

Cook Book Printing, Cookbook Printing high quality good price Product Type: Book

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Product Details

Cook Book Printing, Cookbook Printing high quality good price

Product Type: Book

Printing Type: Offset Printing

Book Cover: Hard Cover with grey board

Book Style: Hardcover Book Printing

Paper Type: art Paper

Surface Finish: Matt Lamination 

Binding: Sewing Binding

Book Content: How to make a perfect cake

Origin: Shenzhen China

Size: 210x297mm

Cover is printed on 157gsm matt paper, matt lamination, bound on 2.5mm board paper.

Ends: 140gsm white matt art paper.

Texts: 196 pages, 140gsmwhite matt art paper, full color printing.

Binding: Hardcover, with head and tail, square back.

QTY: 3000 copies.

Tips of printing:

Printing enterprises to do a good job of color management should include four aspects Color management refers to the automatic and uniform management and adjustment of colors in the production system to ensure color consistency throughout the process. The purpose of color management is to achieve what is WYSIWYG.

To truly achieve the color management in the printing process, you should pay attention to the following four programs:

The first is calibration, in order to make the equipment in a normal working state, the normal range of fluctuations, the first need to calibrate, that is, the establishment of a regular approval system; The second is the characteristic, is to print a standard version of the printing standards, this version of the printing is not printed on the printing plant, but must be in the guidance of experts to print, printing the standard version of the time to maintain the density of the left and right and up and down density consistent. So the first time to use the standard version to print, printed after the printing of the issue of where to see, do compensation, repeat printing repeat compensation, here is a very important point is to do the test. After the mark is printed, you can introduce the feature, generate ICC files, that is, color management files. In addition, industry experts can also make some adjustments to the standard, make it more in line with the standards. Since computers only recognize data, the measurement of instruments is particularly important.

Therefore, the final version of the standard if it is normal, then the data is right; The third is the conversion, the aim of the printed matter has a certain tendency, some people see, this needs to meet the human eye of a conversion model, some places are to make relative effects, such as the attention of the human eye to do a good job, do not pay attention to the relative almost; some visual effects must be absolute, such as maps, Green represents the forest, and another kind of green will represent other landforms, which requires absolute effect.

In addition, there is saturation, such as to print a logo on the package, then the saturation must choose the right. Four is inspection, must check, optimize, find problems need to find timely. The first three aspects we have been doing for more than 10 years, but the fourth is to operate and combat, I think we have to practice. Execution is stronger, the problem is less, in fact, some of the first-line factory to do color management personnel are not many. ”

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